BBFS NYC, also known as Building Beats Foundation, is a non-profit organization based in New York City. The organization focuses on providing bbfs nyc music education and production training to underserved youth in the city. Through their various programs and initiatives, BBFS NYC aims to empower young people by teaching them the art of DJing, music production, and entrepreneurship. They provide hands-on training, mentorship, and access to professional equipment and resources. By equipping these young individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge, BBFS NYC helps them explore their passion for music and opens up opportunities for future success in the industry. The organization plays a vital role in fostering creativity, self-expression, and personal growth among the youth of New York City.

We are outdoor advertising specialists aiming to provide our valuable clients with adequate media solutions thru various means helping them to reach their target audience.

Flow Media has successfully established itself in the market thanks to the constant support of its loyal business partners. Our mission is to offer our clients a wide range of attractive and cost-effective outdoor media locations spread across the UAE.

Grabbing audience's attention is what we do best!

With dedication and hard work, we have managed to implement several successful projects by bringing ideas and concepts to life.

We recognize that two identities are never the same

Flow Media is always present to listen to customers’ different needs and wishes, and make sure to customize every job because we believe in the unique and individual story of every brand.

Our Culture

Our Values

Our expertise and know-how in the media industry helped us to build a positive image and a strong reputation.

Following our 5 core values credibility, creativity, quality, trust and diversity, we make promises to our customers and we fulfill them.

Our People

Our Community

At Flow Media, we all work in synchronization with our partners and collaborators in order to go beyond clients’ expectations by handling every single request with the best quality services.

Our Mission

Successful reach

Flow Media focuses on implementing innovative ideas in the market and provides each brand the right attention at the right place.
We help companies in spreading awareness and enhancing reputations by creating effective media plans that would provide them with the best exposure possible through the adequate advertising tool.


Lamposts in UAE


Unipoles in UAE


Hoardings in UAE


Megacoms in UAE

Flow Media proposes site branding through the following means

Building Wrap




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The Iridium building | Office 125 | Al Barsha 1
Umm Suqeim Street P.O.Box 478500, Dubai | UAE.
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+971 4 405 4180
+971 50 250 1515

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